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Providing tailor-made IT solutions.

We have established close ties with our partners in order to build together the most suitable solutions to meet all of your needs.

PRTG  solutions informatiques


Cross-Platform Monitoring: Compatible with Windows, Linux, VMware, and more.
Customizable Sensors: Track bandwidth, databases, applications, hardware, and more.
Advanced Reports: Automatic generation of detailed reports on the performance and availability of your network.
Robust Security: Data protection with secure connections and multiple authentication options.

Easy and intuitive !

If computer monitoring is by no means child's play, PRTG offers an easy-to-implement solution. In the modern world of IT, proactive monitoring of networks and infrastructure is crucial to ensure smooth and optimal operation. That's where PRTG Network Monitor comes in, a comprehensive and intuitive tool designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Complete overview

Offering preconfigured options in one comprehensive software, PRTG makes it possible to monitor all systems and devices, traffic and applications on medium or large IT infrastructures. Providing a unified view of your network, you monitor all critical aspects, from servers and IoT devices to applications and cloud services, from a single, easy-to-use interface.

In just a few minutes, PRTG is up and running thanks to its automatic configuration wizard. Its intuitive user interface allows you to configure sensors and alerts.

Quick setup

You then obtain real-time information on the state of your network with continuous updating. PRTG allows you to detect and resolve issues before they impact your end users, reducing downtime.


With over 200 built-in sensor types, PRTG adapts to your specific needs. You create personalized dashboards, interactive network maps and configure detailed reports for optimal management of your infrastructure.


You are instantly informed of issues with an advanced alert system. You receive notifications by email, SMS, or via mobile applications for maximum responsiveness. You configure critical thresholds to trigger alerts and minimize risks.


PRTG offers a simple and transparent licensing model with no hidden costs. You pay as you use, only for the sensors you need and benefit from free updates and technical support.


Protecting and managing data

In a world where business continuity and data security are essential, Acronis is positioned as the leader in backup, recovery, endpoint security and data management solutions.

Complete security and protection
Acronis solutions integrate cutting-edge, constantly evolving technologies to provide comprehensive protection against modern threats, including ransomware, viruses, and malicious attacks. With Acronis, your data is secured with advanced encryption methods and robust access controls.

Acronis software provides reliable, regular and automated backups of your systems, applications and data, ensuring rapid recovery in the event of loss or failure. Acronis backup technology is known for its speed and reliability. Disaster Recovery options allow a return to normal operation even in the event of a total failure of the local infrastructure.

With an intuitive, centralized user interface, Acronis makes it easy to manage all your backup, recovery and data protection tasks. You manage your local, remote, and cloud backups from a single platform. Acronis software is optimized to minimize the impact on your system's performance, while maximizing the speed and efficiency of backups and recoveries.

Acronis solutions informatiques


Integrated solution that combines advanced backup with cyber security features, including patch management, anti-malware protection, and vulnerability management. Secure, immutable backup, rapid recovery, and anti-ransomware technologies.

acronis  solutions informatiques


Ensure business continuity with disaster recovery solutions that enable rapid recovery of your critical systems and applications.

acronis cybersecurité

In a professional environment where effective management of time and resources is essential, Planning PME stands out as an essential solution for companies wishing to improve their productivity and organization.

Whether you are a small business or a large organization, Planning PME offers you the tools necessary for optimal planning.

PlanningPME  solutions informatiques


Schedule Management: Easily create, modify and track the schedules of your employees, projects and resources.
Alerts and Notifications: Receive alerts and notifications for important events, schedule changes and upcoming deadlines.
Reports and Analytics: Generate detailed reports to analyze resource utilization, productivity and performance.
Multi-user: Manage access rights and permissions for multiple users, ensuring information security and confidentiality.
Synchronization and Export: Synchronize your schedules with Outlook calendars, Google Calendar, and export data to Excel and other formats.

Simple & Reliable

Planning PME is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Its quick handling allows your teams to concentrate on the essential: productivity. Thanks to a clear and ergonomic interface, planning becomes child's play.

Versatility & Personalization

Whether you need to manage personnel schedules, projects or equipment, Planning PME adapts to your specific needs. You can personalize views and functionalities according to your requirements for tailor-made management.

Visibility & Control

Vous bénéficiez d’une vue d’ensemble en temps réel de l’ensemble de vos activités. Vous identifiez rapidement les disponibilités, suivez les projets en cours et anticipez les contraintes. Planning PME vous donne le contrôle total sur la planification de vos ressources.

Collaboration & Communication

Benefit from a real-time overview of all your activities. You can quickly identify availability, monitor current projects and anticipate constraints. Planning PME gives you total control over the planning of your resources.

Integration & Mobility

Planning PME integrates seamlessly with your existing tools, such as HR management software, ERPs and project management applications. In addition, thanks to its accessibility via the web and mobile applications, your schedules are always at hand, wherever you are.

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