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Cybersecurity – IT Consulting – IT Infrastructure



Jet Info helps improve security within your work environment and ensures conformity regarding data protection and privacy.


IT Consulting

Jet Info specializes in growing efficient and tailored IT strategies to fit your specific needs, along with ensuring GDPR conformity.


IT Infrastructure

We provide a wide range of tailored solutions, specifically designed to meet any tech-related challenge your business might face.


IT Solutions

Jet Info has chosen to partner with famous key software providers.

Setup and training are available upon request.


Secure your business


We understand just how precious your data is - it's your real capital. That's why we've chosen to partner with Acronis, a leading provider of antivirus, backup and data protection solutions.

Acronis offers comprehensive security, from desktop antivirus to encrypted cloud backup. Various modules are available to ensure 360° security for your installation.

We provide you total peace of mind by ensuring the security and integrity of your sensitive data. Through our partnership with Acronis, we can offer you state-of-the-art antivirus solutions designed to detect and neutralize the most sophisticated digital threats.

Our commitment goes beyond technology. We understand the challenges you face in a constantly evolving digital world, with exponentially increasing threats. We're here to guide you every step of the way, answer your questions, solve your problems, and provide ongoing support to keep your data and facilities safe.

With in-depth expertise in information science, our team can offer you sustainable cybersecurity solutions that take your environment into account to enable you to effectively fight against cyber-attacks, but also against disasters caused by the human factor. .


We carry out security audits adapted to any infrastructure. At the end of each audit, we prepare a report which presents the identified flaws and recommendations for action to reduce your risks.


Jet Info also offers support measures to enable you to effectively fight against cybersecurity such as the definition of a strategy adapted to your structure, the delegation of a Chief Security Officer within your company or the implementation of software to combat cybersecurity and data protection.


These measures will allow you to ensure access and protection of your data, to avoid the failure of your system or a hack that would compromise the confidentiality of your data and your information processing systems.

Trust-based relationship

In partnership with

Acronis - cybersécurité
Consulting - Audit IT


Jet Info helps you develop an IT strategy adapted to your needs, and acts as your expert guide in the complex world of IT.

Identify any weak spot

Whether it's choosing the right software, setting up an efficient IT infrastructure or simply understanding the basics, we're here to make your life easier. Our goal is to give you the keys to make informed decisions and use technology to your advantage. With us, embark on your journey towards a better understanding and use of technology.

Tailor-made solutions

Whether you are a medium-sized business or a budding entrepreneur, our dedicated team is here to guide you through the twists and turns of IT. Through our educational and empathetic approach, we help you understand the technologies relevant to your business or personal needs.

Attentive to your needs

We understand that technology can sometimes seem complex, information technology is probably not your core business. This is why we position ourselves as your trusted partner, offering IT consulting services tailored specifically to those who need them.

Trust-based relationship

Audit Global


The reliability and security of your IT systems have a direct impact on the productivity of your business. In order to ensure the availability and performance of your IT infrastructure, Jet Info advises and supports you in its overall assessment.

Evaluation of your IT infrastructure

Our experts carry out an audit of your IT infrastructure in order to give you a clear vision of the risks incurred and define the improvements that can be implemented to strengthen it.

We take your company's growth strategy into account to provide you with recommendations best suited to your current and future needs.

Audit securite


Cet audit vise à évaluer l'efficacité des mesures de protection des données mises en place au sein de l'organisation. Cette démarche permet  d’identifier les vulnérabilités, d’évaluer les contrôles de sécurité existants et de proposer des recommandations pour renforcer la sécurité des données.




les faiblesses


la sécurité


des améliorations

L'audit couvre les domaines suivants :

  • Infrastructure informatique : serveurs, réseaux, systèmes de stockage.

  • Applications : logiciels internes, applications web, applications tierces.

  • Données : données sensibles, données clients, bases de données.

  • Contrôles de sécurité : pare-feu, antivirus, systèmes de détection d'intrusion.

  • Politiques et procédures : politiques de sécurité, procédures de réponse aux incidents.

  • Formation et sensibilisation : programmes de formation pour le personnel.

Evaluation of your IT infrastructure

Our experts carry out an audit of your IT infrastructure in order to give you a clear vision of the risks incurred and define the improvements that can be implemented to strengthen it.

We take your company's growth strategy into account to provide you with recommendations best suited to your current and future needs.

Courbes abstraites
Résultats de l'audit


Conformité réglementaire

Politiques de sécurité robustes

Formation du personnel



Mises à jour et correctifs

Contrôles d'accès

Surveillance des systèmes


Renforcer les mises à jour

Améliorer la gestion des accès

Optimiser la surveillance

Sensibilisation continue

Audit conformité


Since May 25, 2018, the European Union has created the obligation for companies to protect the personal data of their employees and to demonstrate that they are in compliance with the law.

Failure to comply with RGPD/GDPR regulations can result in fines of up to 4% of your turnover or 20 million euros, without neglecting the damage linked to your reputation.

Loss of personal data, which causes harm to individuals, may lead to legal claims and compensation on your part.

Customers and partners will not cooperate with your company if you do not operate with high data protection standards.

Preliminary interview

Dedicated to the analysis of your current situation to determine your exposure to risks linked to the RGPD / GDPR.

Interface utilisateur - cybersécurité


We understand that infrastructure management can be complex and demanding. That's why we've designed our services to offer you cutting-edge technical expertise, as always with a friendly touch.

Your IT network


A wide range of innovative and efficient equipment at your disposal.


Provision of personalized and operational communication tools.

IT Support

A technical team available to resolve your incidents remotely or on-site.

Security & Back-up

Managing the security of your computer system and backing up your data.

Setup & Maintenance

Installation, configuration of your equipment and management of IT assets.

Phone network

Setting up the network and your devices to stay connected at all times.


contrat support et maintenance

We offer the possibility of personalizing your support and maintenance contracts – because each client is unique.

Our team intervenes on your site or through your Cloud environment to secure your data and ensure the proper functioning of your work environment.​

By choosing the plan that best suits your needs, you offer your employees the guarantee of the best IT service allowing you to be operational at all times:


Flexible hourly package

Jet Info - desktop solutions

An effective IT system has a direct impact on your business results.

Having a time package available all year round means anticipating breakdowns and optimizing your equipment.

Jet Info solutions IT
Informaticien - cybersécurité

Yearly contract

Informatiques solutions

The Comfort Pack gives you the assurance of an on-site engineer to avoid any IT-related incidents.
The contract includes complete maintenance of all your equipment, ongoing technical support and several on-site interventions, depending on your availability.

Help Desk - IT

Upon request

Help Desk - contact IT

An unexpected breakdown of your IT equipment?​​
Our engineers are available to resolve your day-to-day issues, remotely or on-site.

contrat externalisation


Jet Info offers on-site delegation contracts, aimed at supporting you in defined one-off missions. This delegation allows you to have, on demand, a resource that fully meets your expectations over a defined period.

For each function, specifications are drawn up and a tailor-made quote is proposed, taking into account your needs and your budget.

Parallel Lines



The data protection officer (DPO) is responsible for data protection and IT monitoring of your company, in full compliance with the GDPR - RGPD - LPD.



The Risk Manager (RM) identifies and anticipates potential risks facing the company. He manages the implementation of prevention means, carries out research with experts, develops reports, checklists and statistics on identified and/or potential damage and finally supports management in important decisions as well as in the business development. In the event of a disaster, the Risk Manager has a duty to limit damage.



The Chief Security Officer (CSO) is a senior executive responsible for developing and monitoring policies and programs aimed at mitigating security risks related to people, intellectual assets, your company's reputation and physical assets. . Our consultants are responsible for overall IT security and data integrity in your organization, i.e. information, applications, equipment and IT traffic.



Internal control is a system of the company, defined and implemented under its responsibility. It aims in particular to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, the application of instructions and guidelines set by General Management, the proper functioning of the company's internal processes as well as the reliability of financial information.

The internal controller is supervised by internal audit, he evaluates and improves through his recommendations but also through his role as interlocutor and actor in assisting management with governance bodies.

Support that meets your needs and respects your budget.



We provide you with a variety of innovative and high-performance IT solutions to meet all of your expectations. Each software proposed is perfectly mastered by the Jet Info team, which allows us to carry out the installation and customization directly on your premises.

We also offer training that will allow you to use these tools to their full potential.

PRTG Network Monitor



  • Monitor all systems, equipment, traffic, and more

  • Ideal for small and mid-sized environments

  • Centralized monitoring to display the entire IT infrastructure in a single window

PlanningPME - solutions it



  • Covers all business sectors

  • Scheduling your appointments, projects, vacations

  • Time and human resources management

  • Clear, precise overview of your business

Acronis solutions it



  • Product Details

  • Acronis Cyber Protect: Combines advanced backup with cybersecurity features

  • Acronis Disaster Recovery: Disaster recovery solution for rapid recovery of your critical systems and applications

Cresus - solutions IT



  • Aimed at SMEs, fiduciaries, independents and associations

  • Reducing your management costs and planning your expenses

  • Simplifying administrative tasks

  • 360° overview of your financial situation

Zyxel - solutions informatiques
HP business partner - solutions IT
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BrandMe agence web suisse romande

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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