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Jet Info secures your IT systems and assesses your human and material risks to improve your cybersecurity.


Spy, theft of encrypted sensitive data or not, fraud, hacking, malicious ... The reasons for piracy and cyber-attacks are numerous and complex. States targeted from abroad as well as companies can be attacked in different ways, from the simple saturation of the computer network by denial of service (DDoS) to advanced spyware, through the defacement of a site hacked by hackers.

Cybersecurity and data protection

Jet Info secures your work environment and ensures your compliance with data security and confidentiality. With in-depth expertise in information science, our team can offer you sustainable cybersecurity solutions that take into account your environment so you can effectively fight against cyber-attacks, but also against human-caused disasters.

We carry out security audits adapted to any infrastructure. At the end of each audit, we draw up a report that presents the identified flaws and the recommendations of actions to reduce your risks.


Jet Info also offers accompanying measures to help you effectively combat cybersecurity such as defining a strategy adapted to your structure, the delegation of a Chief Security Officer within your company or the implementation of software to fight cyber security and data protection.

These steps will help you ensure access and protection of your data, avoid system failure, or hackers that compromise the privacy of your data and information systems.

After testing numerous global security solutions, Jet Info has entered into a strategic partnership with Acronis for its Cyber Protect environment. A 360° solution, it offers advanced cyber protection for every fixed or mobile computer.

Ensure the safety of your data now.
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